About me, Julian Rozario

I have been undertaking process serving, wealth assessments and tracing people since 1993 for clients in and around London and Surrey areas.  My clients are based all over the world however the majority are based in central London and they mainly consist of Lawyers and Insolvency Practitioners.

Since 2005 I have also undertaken Probate Research which complements my tracing skills as I have to locate missing beneficiaries and compile family trees.  I work closely with family departments of a number of well known law firms.
I have helped reunite numerous families over the years and my work takes me all over the UK and sometimes abroad.  
I am always available to discuss any matters over the phone or on email with you and my rates are extremely competitive and adaptable to suit my clients' needs.
I have built a reputation of being very thorough, efficient and professional; providing a quick service and always available to collect documents if required.
References can be provided on request.